How did the industrial revolution change the English empire technology and markets?
How did the industrial revolution help the English empire and how did the English empire help the industrial revolution?

During the 18th century, Britain was changing rapidly due to the industrial revolution and the English empire. The industrial revolution changed how to inventions such as the factories, electricity and other things. This changed the world by letting new things being invented and a new power source was coming into use. That power source was coal, coal was used to power steam engines, heat buildings and generates electricity. Coal was much cheaper than wood and across Britain, mines were opening and because of this they needed workers for the mines so they had to take some of the people out from if they wanted to use coal they needed to create mines, when a mine was created the kept having to go deeper when the coal source near the surface ran out.
This means that their empire contains lots of resources and a lot of different ethnic backgrounds. The industrial revolution needed the English empire due to the empire holding lots of resources and people.
The English empire could not function without the industrial revolutions as they needed new technology to keep their empire running for the overseas colonies they need new types of communication so they could communicate with the mainland. They could also transport people with steam powered boats to different places.
Communication was a big problem for the English empire, as most of its colonies are really far away and it would take days for messages to be sent. The first type of communication that connected continents was the Submarine cables, they let the British communicate with the Americas. It was laid beneath the ocean in the 1850s. These cables really changed how the British empire communicated as before this they had to send messages via ships. It took about 10 days for the messages to be received but once they laid these submarine cables it then took a few minutes to receive messages.
The Colonies
The British empire was exploring and were claiming new land. The British started founding overseas colonies in the 16th century and the first few colonies founded by Britain were James town Virginia, Provence of New Hampshire and Provence of Maryland. Many of the people who settled here came to escape religious prosecution. Over the next few centuries the British empire starting claiming new lands these lands varied from Asia. Africa and some parts of Oceana. These colonies produced workers and new resources for the Industrial revolution

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For building factories and buying machines the British empire needed for money and they got this money by trading with the overseas colonies and make by making these colonies pay tax.


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