Hello kitty has a strong fan base and over the years of existence, hello kitty has continued to grow. Hello kitty is differentiated by it signature of having no mouth which differentiate it fro all other competitors. Each and every year month new types of hello kitty merchandise are being introduced to grow the market shares by introducing hello kitty overseas. Yong women who are fans of hello kitty since they’re where young continue to buy hello kitty products and merchandise, hello kitty has a strong loyal customers fans bases. Customers that has always being loyal to the brand, over the years they continue to patronize the brand.
Another reason for hello kitty’s consistent popularity over the decades has been its ability to change and keep up with the times. Instead of treading the path of consistency and standard design usage, a brand that constantly changes in response to the needs of consumers and of the society at large, will have greater chances of becoming an icon. Hello kitty has followed that path. Though the simple sparse lines and the bow is a constant, the cartoon has many versions, many colors, many characters that are related to hello kitty and a diverse set of products, which carry the brand logo. These reinforce the excitement about the brand and allow people to develop a loyal collection of hello kitty branded items.


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