Health Care Reform
Health Care Reform
What Is The Role Of Health Care Reform In Shifting The Focus From A Disease-Oriented Health Care System Toward One Of Wellness And Prevention, And How Does Nursing Fit Into This Shift?
One of the healthcare reforms is shifting from the focus of a disease oriented healthcare system toward one of wellness and prevention healthcare system to achieve healthcare goals (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The previous healthcare system focused on treating diseases but neglected the factors, which led to the development of the diseases. This did not address the rising demand of healthcare services from the rising number of patients, which led to a derail in achieving the set healthcare goals (Institute of Medicine, 2010). This led to a reform, which focused on wellness and prevention, which has positive results on the healthcare system. By focusing on wellness and prevention, the demand for healthcare services has been decreased as the development of diseases is minimized through life style changes of the public (Institute of Medicine, 2010).
Focusing on the treatment of disease did not lower the costs of healthcare provision, which also includes the high costs of insurance (Institute of Medicine, 2010). The role of healthcare reform in shifting the focus from a disease healthcare system toward one of wellness and prevention is to reduce healthcare costs as most of the chronic illnesses result in increased insurance costs (Matthews, 2012). However, if these illnesses are prevented or reduced, the cost of healthcare provision and insurance will be lowered. This shift is meant to educate the public on life style changes, which will lower the development of some of the chronic illnesses, which are expensive to manage (Matthews, 2012).
Nursing fits in this shift as nurses play an important role in the healthcare provision. Nurses link patients and the public to healthcare services, which include medication as well as crucial information related to their health (Institute of Medicine, 2010). Since nurses form the largest percentage of healthcare professionals and interact more with patients, they can play an important role of disease prevention and wellness by educating the public as well as patients on lifestyle changes. This is meant to prevent the development of certain diseases and an overall health improvement, which is one of the healthcare goals and the main reason for the shift (Institute of Medicine, 2010).

Institute of Medicine (2010). Future of Nursing: Leading change, advancing health. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.

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Matthews, J. H. (2012). Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(1), 3.


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