Hazard assessment/analysis critical control points (HACCP) is worldwide acknowledged as an effective and rational food safety management system (FSMS), which is widely applied throughout agri-food chains (Doménech et al., 2008; Ali, 2012). The main goal of this system is to systematically, identify, evaluate, and control of those steps in food chains that are critical to safety (Vertek et al, 2007; Luning and Marcelis, 2009a; Ali, 2012), focusing on technological aspects of the primary process (van der Spiegel et al., 2005). Is a structured approach to the identification, assessment of risk (likelihood of occurrence and severity) and control of hazards associated with food production processes and practices. It addresses the core causes of food safety problems in all steps of the chain, using a preventive approach (identify problems before they occur) (Varzakas and Arvanitoyannis, 2008).


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