Has the media Representations of Minorities improved? As I take a stand to run for senate, the minorities that; I will challenge are African Americans and the Hispanic culture. Equality and autonomy in the American society has made the minorities stride in representation.
With power comes the ability to change the world. Minorities and media organizations have been aware for a while now of how little representation most minority groups receive. Positive and negative evaluations of minority television portrays and predicts real-world stereotypic responses. Minority characters are vastly under represented in film and television. Even when shown, they are often relegated to secondary and stereotypical parts.
On the contrary, most minorities face even more invisibility than others, such as the disabled and the indigenous people. There are some signs that by 2043 whites will become a minority within this historic shift. According, to the maestro and Greenburg study (2000) looked at the representation and depiction of Caucasians, African Americans, and Latino characters on prime time television. Latinos were under represented but they were not as negatively stereotyped as African American. At this point Latinos were considered the most respected and least lazy. African Americans, on the other hand were considered the laziest, least respected , and dressed provocatively.
Even though how minorities are represented have changed within context, there are n serious changes to stereotypes that have really occurred. The racial representation of television actors has not changed significantly. There were no significant difference in minority appearances being stereotyped. One main difference was that Latinos are now most likely to be ridiculed and not respected. Now, people look at Latinos and African Americans differently all because they are portrayed as despicable and were put into a stereotypical category.
Did you know? During the 1940s and 1950s, African Americans had few roles; but when they were offered parts it consisted of stereotypic portrayals of characters being lazy, simple, or holding domestic servant roles (berg,1990; tamborini, maestro,chory-assad,huang,2000). The minorities that are portrayed as perpetrators more than whites are African Americans and Latinos. The African American community is consistently misrepresented to this day and demonized for actions.
Not much has changed in today’s society. As minorities, we are often turned away from jobs because, we are not the right fit, or the wrong complexion. When it comes to the quality of these portrayals, some of the more egregious media stereotypes have faded, but long standing media definitions of Latinos remain persistent. As for other racial/ethnic groups fewer images are presented. Consuming the images and messages associated with racial/ethnic groups in the media contributes to the formation.
American media has been plagued with all sorts of problems including scandals about manipulation, and propaganda within the minorities representations. Medias representation of minorities is something acknowledge by many outside the USA and is slowly realized more and more inside the united states. A free press is crucial, for a functioning democracy and it paves the way for manipulation and concentration.
Proportional representation creates new avenues of political power for people of color and the poor, two groups that traditionally denied fair access to power in this country. African Americans and Latinos hold less than 10% of the country’s elected offices and not a single governorship or U.S. senate seat. A change in the corporate culture is necessary, in order to improve representation and participation of minorities. The changing demographics , the internationalization of America, and the move to an information and knowledge intensive will dictate the need for increased minority representation.
Unfortunately, we live in a community where popular media is catered to white cisgender take the movie hairspray for instance, it was an all white tv show until; Nikki Blonsky changed everything by mixing it up and bringing African Americans on to the show. Many minority groups are hardly given material to love and identify with.
In conclusion, everything that is happening in today’s society isn’t surprising, television shows still use negative stereotypes in a negative way to illustrate most minority groups.


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