Harlina Halizah Siraj (2015) stated in his article that during this modern generation, the demand of students in terms of using the Internet for their studies has rapidly increased. There are major points shown that there were changes in the academic performances of students whenever they use the Internet as their main way of getting information. Setting aside the possible bad effects of using the Internet for education, there is a variety of good effects on students using the Internet for their studies due to its compliance to bring quality and valuable data easier and faster.

According to Supriya Chinchpure (2018), the difficulty to find valuable and reliable sources/information was on an unbearable level in the early times. Due to the availability of the Internet, students would rather sit in their desk, with their laptop or desktop and would rather look up what they need to gather for it to be faster. Students nowadays seem to look at gathering information through the Library as a very tedious and tiresome thing to do when there is an easier way to collect data and that is through looking it up in the Internet.

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Anisha Raju (2018) also stated in her article that it comes to the point that Internet users have the mindset of thinking of reasons why the Library is still a necessity to find quality and on-demand information when they can just sit back and let the Internet look up for different kinds of data that will be useful for their studies. During the previous times when the Internet hasn’t been introduced to the public yet, the library was given major attention for educational purposes since it is the only available option to be able to gather data however, in this modern ages, the Internet is given more importance due to its faster deliverance.


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