Grave of the Fireflies (1988) is written by Nonaka Akiyuki and directed by Isao Takahata, is about two young Japanese siblings, living during the days of World War II. Seita a teenage boy and Setsuko his younger sister became homeless after the United State militaries firebombed their city. The movie is trying to evoke a heartbreaking feeling which builds up the ending. But also the movie shows some heart-warming scene that can be seen on the middle part of the movie. Setsuko and Seita are at the beach with their mother watching them while they are swimming. It displays beautiful flashbacks of memories of their family and a sibling love. Regardless of that the strength of the movie is in the untold story. In the beginning of the movie Seita’s ghost appears after his death in the train station and retell his story. There are scenes where the viewers are being back to the time of Seita and Setsuko during their near death and watch their agony. During a scene in the movie Seita kneeling beside his mother’s dead body that died because of bomb. Seita unfortunately did not tell Setsuko about their mother’s death, instead he takes Setuka with him to his Aunt. The Aunt didn’t take good care of them, to the point she barely feed them. Seita and Setsuko decide to leave their Aunt’s house and live in a shelter near the pond, where the sibling struggles for food and money. One of the beautiful seen in the movie, when Seita and Setsuko catch fireflies to lighten the cave, the next morning Setsuko is burying the dead fireflies at the same time telling his bother that she knows about their mother’s death and ask Seita “why do fireflies die so soon?”. According to Barker (2018), most insect imagoes only exist to do two things: mate and reproduce. Because most insect are quite fecund, their adult lifespan don’t need to be long if they produce a truly massive amount of progeny. That’s what insect have evolved toward. It’s no different with fireflies-a brief, fitful mating period that produces all of the progeny needed to do it again next year is all it takes.


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