Good morning/afternoon students, teachers and staff members. For all of those people that don’t know me my name is Diana Brady from 7E. I’am standing here to discuss the reason why I want to be and should be elected for The 2019 Raphaela House Captain. I realize that this is a privilege to have the opportunity to be here now standing here to tell you why I should be House Captain.

Firstly, I would like to start by explaining to you what this position means to me. The house captain needs to be respectful en reliable but also a fun and loving person and someone who can represent the school and Raphaela house in all sort of events. I have participated in many school sporting events such the 2018 CCS Junior Girls Football Team Member Region finalist, school swimming and the sports day and many others in my previous school years.

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I will assist teachers and students in any way possible to the best of my abilities. I strongly believe that I am respectful, responsible, I have courage, I am confident, determined, reliable, positive, helpful and friendly with fair attitude, I will take in consideration people’s ideas, a I will make my contribution to keep a great spirit among the students, and encourage everyone to participate in sports and other events. I believe I have with important values which will help me to be a good leader.

Secondly, I am a good listener. A good leader always needs to listen to others and they never judge about who that person is and what they want to do. And leaders don’t order things and boss people around. They listen to their team, peers, teachers or anybody else. Because they might know the best way to understand a situation make the best decision possible. And in Raphaela I believe that we have courage, strength and determination just like Mother Marie Raphaela did.

To me the role of house captain is more than a badge, popularity or a fancy title but a chance to make a positive influence on others. I promise that I will work hard the effective leader that you will be proud of. I will uphold and obey all the rules and become the role model you will look up to. I am not PERFECT but I do believe this position is for me.
Thank you for your time. So remember it’s Diana so vote for me.


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