Gone are the days where we left our unique identities and individual quirks at the door in favour of fitting in at work. Instead, diversity in the workplace has been given merit in the modern, multilingual, multicultural organisations of today. And for good reason.
We’ve moved into an era where distinct differences between people are valued. Companies like Marriot International, FedEx and Deloitte recognise that fostering a diverse company culture creates a positive, inclusive environment.
Having an inclusive and diverse culture at work has also become a major deciding factor for job seekers. Research from the Diversity Council Australia found that employees who work in inclusive teams are more satisfied in their work. And it’s no secret that happy employees are more productive.
The advantages of onboarding people from different walks of life go beyond creating an inclusive, pleasant place to work. Evidence shows that fully embracing peoples’ different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual identities and race is good for business.
Study after study confirms that diverse workforces and teams contributes positively to business outcomes. For example, in the US, ethnically diverse companies are 35% more likely to financially outperform the national industry median.
Belonging to a company where you feel valued for who you are motivates you to bring more to the table. A place where everyone can freely express their ideas, knowledge and perspectives. A culture where individuals are proud to leverage their defining identities and collaborate in new and exciting ways. By changing the way we see our differences, we can recognise that the very things that set us apart from one another are also our strengths.
Here are some tips to help you to realise your full potential at work by leveraging your uniqueness.

Prioritise Diversity from the get go
There is more to finding a good job than salary and benefits. On average, people spend 1,960 hours a year at work. Finding a company where you feel you are valued beyond your race, gender, ethnicity or culture is important and should be an important deciding factor on your dream job checklist.
Why not take the time to make sure the company you will be spending most of your time at will let you work freely as your true self and ensure others can do the same?
Research the organisations leadership and employees before hand on platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Take note of the diversity of their employees and watch out for those companies that only hire a certain group. This may be a red flag that shows managements biases and could be an issue in the future.
Dig deeper into the way the company communicates growth and support for all kinds of people. Do they support any minority groups with special development programs? Do they openly acknowledge the right for equal pay? Do they show appreciation for diversity among their employees and celebrate their multifaceted teams?
An organisation that values diversity will value all of your unique qualities.

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