Generally, the physical design refers to the actual layout of the physical part of our network. This includes the router, switch, workstations etc. Figure 3.2 below will show the physical setting for the project’s environment.

Figure 3.2 Physical Network Diagram
3.4 Hardware and Software Requirements

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For this section, it will be discussing or describing the hardware and software that necessary to make the project. Hardware requirement and software requirement such as below is using to implement in this project. This tool is important in system architecture design.

3.4.1 Hardware Requirements

This section identifies the hardware items necessary for the experiment that fulfills a certain specification in order to implement Machine Learning. The information of the hardware items that used in the project can be refer from the table 3.1 below.

Table 3.1 Hardware Requirements
Hardware Type Minimum Requirement
Processor HP OpticPlex 7010 PC
Memory 8 GB RAM
Monitor Dell
Keyboard and Mouse Any
Printer HP Deksjet 3635
Laptop Asus A550L
Memory 4 GB RAM

3.4.2 Software Requirement

This section identifies the specific software necessary to perform in this project activities. All the requirements for the software are listed in table 3.2 below.

Table 3.2 Software Requirements
No Software Function
1. Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Ubuntu has always been free to download, use and share. With a built-in firewall and virus protection software, Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around.
2. Microsoft Office Word 2016 It is very common and trusted tool. This tool is used in documentation of project.
3. Microsoft Office Visio 2013 It is a software create professional diagram that uses vector graphic to create diagram such as data flow diagram and to simplify complex information.


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