Furthermore, the buildings in the novel also helps the setting create an evil theme. “A certain sinister block of building thrust forward its gable on the street” this quote gives the reader a sense of unease; it makes the building sound strange and abnormal. This creates unease because things strange and different are often considered suspicious. There are also individual words in the above quote that create an evil feeling, firstly the word ‘sinister’, This word is nearly always associated with evil things. However the sense of evil is not just created by single words in the above quote, Stevenson also uses alliteration. This creates an evil sinister feeling, this is because it is the sound a snake makes, snakes are considered evil because in the bible a snake represents the devil. Furthermore the rest of the sentence repeats the ‘b’ sound, a sound often associated with explosions. Stevenson enhances further the feeling of explosiveness the reader has with, “thrust forward its gable on the street”. That sentence alone gives the reader a mixture of feeling towards the building.


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