Furthermore, Digi-X is led by an honourable person – Praveen Rajan as a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), holding a title in Bachelor of Engineering from Nottingham Trent University. He was also the Chief Technology Officer of LifeLogger, a startup he cofounded in 2003. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to take on this new challenge to spearhead and shape opportunities that will leapfrog our future growth at a time when the industry is experiencing a digital shift,” said Praveen. Over nine years of experience in Digi, he has held multiple leadership positions primarily in marketing – Postpaid, Devices, Value Added Services and Partnerships. Interestingly, Digi-X has begun to offer curiosity when the X is questioned. What does the X stood for? X signifies some of the unknown, some of the impossible, and some of the improbable. It stands for everything that Digi can be and achieve beyond being a telco. In depth, we do it by materialising the x-factor between technology and meeting their real needs.


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