From: Jashandeep Kaur
To: Paul Merchants
Subject: Job application

Dear Paul Merchant,

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I have heard a lot about sunshine management company and I can make a noteworthy commitment to your company’s main goal. I have acquired bachelors of business degree from University of British Columbia in June 2016 and I have over 1 years of work experience as Assistant Business Analyst. I have certain qualities such as self-motivated, enthusiastic, proactive, team-spirit, punctual, diligence, professionalism, good interpersonal skills and so on. By contracting me you can achieve a worker with the characteristics which make him not the same as different representatives.

I am searching forward for a quick response from your side and I am waiting in expectation for the meeting call. Please contact me if u need some other information regarding my profile.

Jashandeep Kaur


I'm Katy

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