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Discuss the impact of social media on the quality of relationships in society

Social media is a web-based communication tool that many people use around these days. It enables people to interact with each other by sharing, communicating and entertaining. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Skype and others are typically increasing because many young people utilise social media to share relationships in order to let other users know that they have already been taken by someone else. Thus, social media is definitely impacted on the quality of relationships which include both positive and negative effects and also that social media can ruin your relationships.

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As social media starts to become part of our daily life, many users are relying on them as they are used to meet new people around the world without having any face-to-face communication to share their own relationships with someone they do not know. Therefore, the positive effects of social media on the relationships are numerous. Seidman (2015) states that people often use social media like Facebook to meet new people as it provides all of the information about the potential partner’s interest or biography. For that reason, Facebook makes it easier to allow random people to meet rather than having a face-to-face interaction. Also, Facebook not only just let people share their own relationships, but it also provides great convenience for people across the world to interact with each other’s social media. In order to have a successful relationship, it is important that both you and your partner must continuously work on and nurture the relationship by having positive interactions with each other. Not only by that, an evidence from a Facebook post status is in included to convince that couples who exposed with positive relationship maintenance behaviour on Facebook reported greater relationship satisfaction, “I can’t wait to spend time with my boyfriend back home” or “I swear I will love this girl forever,” can help relationships flourish both online and offline (Seidman 2015). Moreover, language features such as logos are included in the article in order to convince the audience and consider that the article is not biased as language features are appropriate for the audience at every age.

On the other hand, Cohen (2017) disagrees with Seidman’s point of view as Cohen shares her own opinion about how her boyfriend and herself keep looking at their phone, refreshing for new updates on social media rather than communicating with each other. Also, Cohen reinforces one of her points by saying that thousands of teenagers attach to their phones through the social media sites can take a toll on romantic, personal and professional relationships. Besides, when having a normal conversation with people in person, social anxiety will start to get worst while speaking in public. Similarly, Seidman, declares that Facebook also creates a sense of anxiety or jealousy as Facebook gives easy accessibility for partner surveillance which may upset a person’s sense of privacy as well as the stability of their relationship. Therefore, it is important that social media does not increase the jealousy and anxiousness, if not the situation may become worse. In addition, Cohen utilises inclusive language like putting “we” and “our” in a sentence, “we spend … time on our device checking social media pages …” in order to persuade social media users as social media always being updated with new information by people across the world.

As the popularity of social media begins to increase, Callucchia (2017) claims that social media can definitely ruin the quality of the relationships. Many people use Facebook to make relationships with others and also share their relationships as they want to show off that they finally have a partner. On the other side, Callucchia reinforces that social media might not ruin the relationship, but it can create problems between the couple. Therefore, Shore in Calllucchia’s article says that “you need to be able to see the look in someone’s eyes, expression and the tone of their voice but you cannot do that on social media.” It is clear that social media can make you and your partner in broken pieces as spending more time on communicating with significant other in person than on social media. However, it is also important to have a virtual communication in order to have a strong relationship between you and your partner (Callucchia 2017). Additionally, Callucchia incorporates with an expert opinion which supports all of her arguments as well as persuading the social media users that social media can definitely ruin the quality of your relationship. Hence, in order to have a strong relationship, we need to spend more time on virtual communication instead of chatting on social media in order to avoid the relationship between you and your partner.

Given that social media can actually ruin our relationships, it is very important that people who are addicted to social media need to have a face-to-face communication instead of looking at phones and updating new information on social media sites. By doing this, the relationship between you and your partner can be increased and last forever as nowadays, communication is extremely important to everyone. If not, communication will start to decrease and the addiction of social media will begin to grow in the future. Thus, if we learn how to put our phones down for a moment, it will strengthen our relationships with our partners as we are able to focus on more important things like our relationships between our partners.

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