For the past few years, the experiences and opportunities I have had have allowed me to develop my skills in these areas and improve myself.
I have had a chance to develop my leadership qualities mainly through being the co-captain of a sports team. Leadership doesn’t mean to control everyone, but to take in ideas, and to be someone for others to trust in and having this opportunity has allowed me to build my organizational and communication skills. Through this experience I understood the requirements and expectations of being a good leader.
So far throughout my years as a student, I have strived to always do my best and maintain good grades while also fitting in additional activities inside and outside of school. Helping in an after-school camp allows me to be a role model for the younger kids. In addition to this, taking care of cats at the adoption center, improved my patience and compassion. Assisting in that environment has allowed me to develop into a better person and to establish myself as reliable and trustworthy. These opportunities have helped me gain leadership skills, provide service in my community and made me better able to teach others and share knowledge.
I believe that joining and committing to the National honor society would allow me to further advance my skills and grow as a person.


I'm Katy

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