For my first research project the task was to develop and apply a research tool. I choose children centre as the main topic and more specifically Stay and Play sessions offered by these centres.
I wanted to examine the impact of this service on the lives of children and families in the local community and how attending these sessions made a difference to their lives. The objective of the study was to find the benefits of this provision to the parents and children, satisfaction with the service amongst users and to also exploring their views about the stay and play and levels of service use.
This report will use reflect on the process that I went through during the development of this research tool and on what went well, what difficulties I faced and how I felt. The report will also provide a critical analysis of my research tool design and would also look at areas of development for future research assignments. Kolb (1984) or Gibbs G (1988)

Before embarking on this research assignment, it was very important for me to consider some key points such as the aim and purpose of my research, subject of the research, targeted audience, purpose of collecting this data and finally how the data collected from this research would benefit or impact others. (cohen et al)

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Research Topic
Choosing a topic for my research project was critical and required some personal reflection to uncover a topic which I felt I had a personal connection with. It was also very important to choose a subject that would sustain my interest throughout the whole research project, as Laura day Ashley (2012) emphasis on the importance of choosing a topic which interests, motivates and relates to one’s past experiences or future plans.


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