Food is a substance that is edible which is in the form of solid, liquid, cooked, uncooked, hot or cold. Food provides us with all the necessary/important nutrients. Food is important for the body as it helps in the growth of the body, proper functioning of the body. In this world we have different counties and these different countries have different cultures and related to the cultures they have different types of food or different types of cuisines. The different types of cuisines are Italian, American, French, Chinese, Indian, African and many others. Food is further divided into healthy food and junk food. Healthy food and junk food both are very delicious. But most of the people prefer junk food as it is more delicious than healthy food. Though healthy food is less delicious than junk food but healthy food is rich in nutrients. A good healthy life is only possible if you have healthy food. But junk food will not lead to a good healthy life; it will just satisfy your mouth taste. Junk food is poor in nutrients. Junk food has less or no vitamins, proteins or nutrients whereas healthy food is filled with proteins, nutrients or vitamins. Healthy foods are fruits, vegetables, nuts, dry fruits and dairy products. Junk foods are fast foods, fried foods, cold drinks, chocolates and frozen foods. Healthy food and junk food both have products of chocolates. For example, in junk food there is white chocolates, milk chocolates that has too much of sugars and calories, but in healthy food there is dark chocolate which has less sugars and calories and it is good for health and helps in weight reduction. Junk food is harmful for the body as junk food can lead to harmful diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and other harmful diseases. Healthy food keeps us safe and away from all these harmful diseases. Healthy food is filled with proteins, fiber, vitamins, nutrients and calcium. Whereas junk food is filled with sugars, fats, salts and calories. Eating healthy food will help you to loose weight, be active, feel fresh and your energy level is high and keeps you away from laziness. But when it comes to junk food it will increase your weight, your energy level will be low, you not feel active and fresh and you will end up feeling lazy and do nothing. In Dubai, we have many junk food restaurants and healthy food restaurants. For instance, junk food restaurants are McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Baskin Robins, KFC, Burger fuel and many more, healthy food restaurants are Subway, Kcal, Fit Food kitchen and others. Me as a person, love eating junk food like burgers, pizzas and other junk food items but at a certain point of time you start feeling bored of the same food and the same taste regularly. After eating too much of junk food makes me fat, increases my weight and makes me feel lazy. But after eating so much of junk food, I require healthy food to change my mouth taste, to loose my weight, to come out of the laziness and feel fresh. When it comes to the price, junk food is really cheap compared to healthy food. Junk food restaurants also keep a lot of discounts or offers like buy 1 large pizza and get 1 medium pizza free, buy a burger and get fries free and many others to attract a lot of customers. But all these junk food has no nutrients, vitamins or proteins. Healthy food is not cheap as it has healthy fruits, vegetables which gives us the right nutrients and nuts and dry fruits are very expensive but it helps to keep our body active and gives us proper iron, vitamins and fiber. We end up wasting a lot of money on junk food, which gives us nothing but spending money on healthy food will help in the growth of the body. For example, when we go for family dinners or treats for birthdays or any other occasions, we all go or prefer junk food restaurants and very rarely people will go or prefer healthy food restaurants. This is an advantage that all the junk food restaurants have that almost more than half of the population prefers eating junk food during special gatherings or special occasions. Healthy food and junk food both can be cooked at home, but it depends on person or person’s choice whether he or she prefers healthy food or junk food. When it comes to calories, both healthy food and junk food contains lot calories. Junk food like pizzas, burgers, ice creams, etc; contains lot of calories. Healthy food like nuts, dry fruits and some frits also contains lot of calories. Healthy food and junk food have different products under them but both healthy food and junk food satisfies our hunger. Lastly, healthy food and junk food both can make us happy and satisfied. But eating healthy will lead to a healthy and energetic life. Both healthy food and junk food are foods which are very delicious. When we our hungry, we can have healthy food which helps in the growth and development of the body and we can have junk food which will help to increase our weight and fat to satisfy our hunger. Healthy food gives us all the necessary vitamins, proteins, iron, nutrients which is good for the body whereas junk food gives us nothing but just increases our calories, increases our weight and makes us fat.


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