Excellent communication skills are a vital part of being a team leader, this basic skills will allow you to be able to develop positive relationships and allow you to be able to share a variety of information within your organisation. One of the most important things to bear in mind is how to communicate with the individual clients and always use their preferred methods of communication. This is because all individuals have the right to communicate in whichever way they feel most comfortable and this should always be support accordingly.
Within my working environment there are a number of clients whom have their own communication requirements, of which are due to a number of factors, some of these requirements are;
Hearing conditions – some of the clients within my workplace have a hearing impairment and therefore members of staff have been taught sign language to be to communicate effectively with the client.
Visual impairment – some of the clients within my workplace have a visual impairment of which is an age related problem due to the majority of the clients ages within my workplace. Therefore all care staff have been informed that when they are verbally communicating with clients they are to ensure that they are speaking directly to them and not shouting across the room or from behind the client.
Mental Health Issues – Mental health issues can relay such a broad spectrum of conditions and cover conditions such as depression or even brain damage. Because of this we always ensure that we understand the individual’s condition(s). One such individual has dementia and we talk to the individual when relaying information or undertaking an action. For example – Mr Thomas we are going to give you a wash; by offering clear instruction we hope to ensure the individual hopefully has some understanding about what is happening an also reassure them.


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