Empowerment is a very essential part under the health and social care field of academic area that is mainly improve the quality of care service we provide to the service user and how much a client is are getting satisfaction. The efficiency level is standing between health care support worker and the health care client by providing best services and thereby client feels satisfaction. Under this study topic, it must be clear at the end of this writing aims and goals by showing the capability to specific design of promoting client rights, importance of communication method by empowering both, some case study according to mental and disability context and a little further looking at some barriers for empowerment which will be on basis of real fact. In general view of empowerment is to meet the individual demand and expectation by the professional staff of health caring. So it is very important for the health and social care settings.
Task 1
At the first stage of my writing will cover some important point about service users rights which very common to all and everywhere in this caring home sector of health care servicing. We always go through a certain rules and legislation that must be followed in this caring field and there may some differences available in context of country and community ground of origin. From this writing, it will be very clear about how the different legislations, government rules, policies and plan can help to empower the users as well as the health care staff.
Certain legislations are outlined in NISCC has published the standard code of conduct for health care staff and social care workers as well. These legislations include the following below:
Human rights act 1998 is about the general people that ensure their rights are equal and that why we need to treat our entire client equally.
Equality act 2010 is to protect individual from any miss-behaviour, discrimination under any ground, additionally all level of working area is also covered by this law. It is followed by employers, business organisations, care organisations like hospitals and care homes, etc. from this legislatives application help us to protect from nine grounds characteristically: age, disability, gender, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. This is really a practicable legislation in all over to save from all kinds of discrimination.
Mental capacity 2005 is about a general guide to apply for everyone in the care venues, treatment and support for people who cannot make any decision. So this law applies to them.
This way we can some other law also here to help the client of empower and support staff such as care act 2014 is to follow the promises to deliver to patient, data protection act 1998, is about sharing or handling any data which is now compatible with GDPR (general data protection act 2018).
From this law and legislative purpose, and those guidelines, we can see that the application of law can help us to empower and the client as well. Human right is a broader concept that can define to the entire people in the world. In the light of human right act we can see there is a common characteristic is established between care taking and care giving people. The legislatives guidelines, policies empower the client in so many ways.
• Legislations give us authority to do any act or perform is permissible by that and similarly it help the client who can uses also this way of guidelines. If we consider the application of Equality act 2010 which is empowering the service users as we cannot deny or disgrace their value, beliefs practices.
• The legislatives guidelines show us to define about the individual right to stay in freedom according to the application of human right act.
• Every individual has the equal right to lead their life as normal.
• HSC follower, staff, student must show their view as an non discrimination approach
• Valuing the people or client beliefs, norms, cultural tradition, etc are needed to respect as a unique sequence.
From this above mentioned point, it can be easily understand that we should respect, evaluate and judge them on every legal aspect and its demerits based just because of the reverse effect of the current legislatives trends. Therefore, mostly the legislatives policies and the entire rules is functioning here to remove barriers for the individual independence and self-consciousness.
Case 1
Mr. Leslie Givan 27, who is suffering from hearing impairment and a physical disability just due to happen a tragic accident in his life spam of travelling and driving. After that he never feel comfortable, get back to normal life as he cannot maintain this only for this situation. Now he is taking services and medicated, prescribed in care homes. But his health conditions need special attention in accordance with current legislation which are applied already and newly adopted by the government authority. So basically the situation like him can be consider under concept of health and social care act 2012 guidelines and instructive, similar way we can see the care act 2014 implementation and again the mental capacity act 2005 is active in the care homes to address the individual circumstances. And that is such a situation we face within care homes with other colleague and the client also may face the similar kind of difficulties which may secured by existing practices.
From professional point of view we see some effort is done through tackling the barriers down according to care performances. Additionally, this can give us to follow the real effort of caring rules in always possible.

Communication perspective: we need to express our views, thought, ideas with other in successful way to get reflected as well to our expression in terms of any demanding case. Let say talk about the mr. Pete is in care unit since he was affected by the mental disorder and then he never get back into original living style that he has before. This scenario suggest us to conclude about him, he is not normal person anymore which means mentally disorder and his behaviour is aggressive to other even sometimes care worker face challenging behaviour during their caring service.

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