During the last year, multiple schools across the U.S. have been impacted by shootings, which have resulted in the deaths of both students and faculty members. Ethics and Science in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Ethics and science have created a debate in the society with the religion disagreeing with any scientific research that is destructive and morally corruptive. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein also addresses the same issue and uses a destructive e!periment in human physiology to prove how science can be unethical. More specifically” the novel presents #ictor $ran%enstein” who is an arrogant scientist that is focused on achieving what he wants regardless of the overall outcome. In fact” he creates a monster that ends up %illing his family members and friends too. &e ends up living a stressful life since he wonders how he will correct the mista%es that he had already created earlier. Mary Shelley cautions the society against ignoring ethics during the scientific advancement” and she provides evidence to support that. She proves that some researchmight have a potential to destroy and morally corrupt the society instead. Shelley also believes that human brilliance should be fused with ethics to protect the society from any harm. $ran%enstein’s creation is one of the manifestations of scientific advancement that lac%s the ethics that guides the society. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein illustrate that ethics is one of the elements that will act as a limit of the scientific in’uiry in the society and proves that through theinability of $ran%enstein to control the monster after he had created it. Mary Shelley shows how $ran%enstein was blinded by his ambitions and never considered the safety of the society. $ran%enstein showed how irresponsible he was” and he never consulted anyone or even considered the morality of the act. &e even reveals that (so much has been done” far more will I achieve) treading in the steps already mar%ed” I will pioneer a new way” e!plore un%nown powers” and unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation+ ,Shelley” p. -./. 0learly” he was focused on his ambitions and creating something e!traordinary? but” he never considered the morality of the research. Apart from that” anyone that advised him against proceeding with the research was considered as an enemy. $or instance” $ran%enstein insists that (the professors’ words enounced to destroy me 2 my soul was gripped by a palpable enemy+ ,Shelley” p. -./. Indeed” his ambitions had blinded him from the morality that should be considered before underta%ing such research. In the process” he failed to consider the limit of scientific in’uiry since he wanted to prove the professor and the society wrong. 3o some e!tent” he wanted to achieve a divine status” which is totally unethical. In fact” such a decision is in contrast to the way the society wor%s since 4od is the only one with the ability to create beings. Instead” he creates the monster” and he fails to nurture it into being a responsible creature ,&ogsette” 5-*/. All in all” Mary Shelley is trying to prove that ethical science is the appropriate way to achieve the re’uired advancement. 0learly” unethical science has shown that a scientist can wor% on ideas that will even destroy the society if they are not controlled. ;ence” the ethics will be one of the things that will act as a limit to scientific in’uiry” and prioriti6e the safety of the society. $ran%enstein insists on the dangers of separating science and the society since it amounts to the scientists lac%ing ethics that everyone should possess. 3he novel illustrates how $ran%enstein preferred staying alone and away from the society in the name of intensive research. More specifically” $ran%enstein believed li%e the society was a distraction from his research and staying alone was the only way to achieve the perfection he wants. &e even insists that (natural philosophy 2 became nearly my sole occupation+ ,Shelley” p. 51/ and that too% him away from his family and the entire society. In the process” he developed an inhumane

Insert surname 7 personality” and he could not understand what human nature entails. $or instance” he believed that human nature was about creation and development? but” he forgot about sociali6ation that instills morals in a creature. 3he lac% of compassion and morals led to the death of his brother 8illiam and his friend ;enry. Instead” being closer to the society and his family would have given $ran%enstein a chance to understand the sociali6ation and what human nature entails ,9ur%ett” 5:;/. Instead” he could have restrained from creating a creature that lac%s a soul and ended up being a murderer. Mary Shelley was vouching for morality since it asserts on the importance of life and the need to obey nature as well. &owever” $ran%enstein believed that he had the ability to reanimate other creatures and still nurture them into being responsible people inthe society. ;e forgot that morality is an important part of creation and people are supposed to abide by such guidelines. ;is entire research did not consider the safety and the wellbeing of the society since he did not contemplate the dangers of the monster staying in the society ,0ameron” 1:-/. In fact” he destroys the second monster that was supposed to be a partner of the first monster. In this case” he had seen the danger associated with the creatures and he was unwilling to create another one.In conclusion” Mary Shelley proves that ethics is one of the elements that will restrict scientific advancement in the society. $ran%enstein’s arrogance blinded him from the ethics” and he was only focused on achieving the unreasonable ambitions he had. Such ambitions pushed him into creating monsters that turned out to be destructive. 9esides that” he even failed to control the same monsters” and he ended up being stressed since it creates more harm than he hade!pected. Apart from that” the fact that he had stayed away from the society also turned him into being have an inhumane personality that also resulted in the creation of the monster. All in all” it is clear that ethics will be important in controlling scientific advancement.

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