During the Gilded age era big business changed the way politicians were elected and contributed to major social inequality Mark Twain coined the phrase “gilded age” to describe the years 1870 to 1900 in the United States. This time period was marked by political corruption and numerous scandals. The gilded age was a period of rapid growth in economics. The economy grew a very rapid rate creating levels of wealth never seen before. Railroads grew throughout the nation and therefore creating new opportunities for investors to transport good much faster and make more profit.
Although these railroads brought lots of wealth to our nation they also through a lot of unlawful wages to those who worked there. Thomas Hobbes describes “life in nature as poor, solitary , short, and brutal and for many worker in the railroads and oil companies that was reality. Factory work and dangerous especially in the railroads. Machinery accidents,train accidents and other malfunctions were common. No federal regulation or enforcement for safety existed.


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