“Dreams are most often more profound when they seem more crazy.” Sigmund Freud understood that there fewer things that could arouse such confusion than the human mind. Its complexity and intensity are complemented by its sense of uncertainty which make for a captivating appeal to seek answers from it. Dreams are at the foundations of my persistent pursuit in choosing Psychology as a degree for university. Ever since I was a child there were certain dreams that would stick with me throughout the course of my childhood and others that disappeared from my mind. My growing fascination at how the human mind works was triggered from there and I recognised that I had a hunger for trying to comprehend the unknown. The consideration that Psychology offers for the human mind and its effects on human behaviour is another thing that I am intrigued in. The constant intention of discovery is something that has really attracted me to this course. To specify the observation of an individual’s behaviour analytically allows me to have a contemporary approach to how I view the world which I see as a reward in itself. Psychology has a depth to it that is unlike any other course in that it is open to new and fresh advancements and I would like to a part of that.


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