Does School Kill Creativity?
Creativity is taking inspiration and using your imagination and original ideas in making new inventions or artistic works off of it. Young kids creativity is a lot stronger than adults. This is because kids just go for it and don’t have the fear of being wrong. If you’re not prepared to be wrong, then nothing is ever original from you. By the time kids get into adulthood, their capacity for innovation and change is almost completely gone. Adults run companies in fear of being wrong, therefore they don’t try to create new things. For example, if a child wants to go into medicine as they get older and they don’t have creativity, they would never try new methods. They think of the idea, then get too afraid to propose it and actually try it. According to Sir Ken Robinson, students today are being taught to be good workers rather than creators.
When you ask people about their education they tend to pin you to a wall. It goes deep with people, like religion, money, etc. We, as people, have a huge vested interest in education. It is education that is meant to help us make it in the future. The future that we can’t even grasp in the present. Children starting school this upcoming year will retire in 2078. Do you realize how different the way the world works will be by then? Teachers are expected to prepare these kids for the future, but that is almost impossible being as though, we can’t even predict the what the world will be in five years.
Sir Ken Robinson said on a TED talk, “All kids have tremendous talents. And we squander them”(2006). Would you agree with saying creativity is as important in education as literacy and should be treated with the same status? I have a personal experience where the principal of our school made us go to break while a teacher was giving me and a few other students a piano lesson in the auditorium. We weren’t doing anything we would’ve gotten in trouble for, there was a teacher in there with us, and we were all genuinely trying to learn the basics of playing the piano.
Creativity in the classroom is very important. It helps the students to express themselves freely. In a very boring classroom, students aren’t inspired, therefore they do the bare minimum not what they want to. Doing this is the same as doing simple math in a calculator, after a while your brain forgets how to do things the long way.


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