Describe how inclusion works in own sector of the children’s workforce
Inclusion works by promoting well-being through an inclusive curriculum by learning about the wider range of religions and educating them on health and social preparing them for adulthood. Including every child matters that was introduced in 2003 all schools must follow this and work towards the five outcomes making sure a child is healthy, safe, enjoying and achieve, making a positive contribution, and economic well-being. Focus on children individual needs and supporting them to make practice. Values and principles of inclusion whatever the organisation the child should always be centre of all practises. Following codes of practise of diversity and inclusion to make sure every child’s needs are met and recognising children’s potential barriers and overcoming them. Knowing the children and their backgrounds and interests will help you be able to support them better and know what help they may need. Listening to the children will always give you a good indication of their learning ability’s and find out their individual targets. As a teaching assistant working within a school in my setting we make sure every child is included as in the classroom a work in there are a few children with learning difficulties and not at the same level as the other children so to keep them included we mix the groups up and give them the same work but theirs would be a lower level but still on the same subject so they can answer questions and get involved with discussions and they don’t feel left out


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