Community service is performed by someone or a group of people which can benefit others. You will not get any paid when you perform community service but you volunteer your time. People participate in community service due to they enjoy helping others and improving their community. Community services often lead to the transformation of learning as a connection to become a service learning. Service learning emphasizes interrelationships. In service learning, the participants will get the benefit, grow and learn from the experience. One of the community service and service learning that students can participate in is organizing a charity run at University. The purpose of designing a running event which is a charity run for raising money in charity. Students are voluntarily putting themselves in the risk, try to achieve the unachievable or in some cases doing something that they love while willing to help those who are less fortunate than themselves in the process. Charity run also helps to raise the awareness of the charity. Marathon, a high profile race event, which generates greater chances for a charity to increase the awareness of their cause. All the runners dress up their running vests on race day can help bring the charity to public consciousness. Students will also be highlighting the charity and its efforts to all of the friends, family and those kind individuals that back you during the process of your own fundraising.

Religious and spiritual activities are to support and advance the expression and exploration of spiritually, faith-traditions, religious life, philosophies and values of life within the university. Institusi Usrah is an example of spiritual and religious life program which is to promote religious and spiritual activities. Institusi Usrah allows for students who are interested to seek for full spiritual growth and development and to raise a university environment in which interested members in the campus community can easily to express their religion, spirituality, and faith. Institusi Usrah provides the chances for students to be centered in a caring community, discover the connections between faith-traditions and real-world complexities, make a difference in the lives of others through service work, and grow in a sense of own abilities and self-awareness. Therefore, this program also facilitates many forms of religious life and provide a suitable place for students and others to ask questions about purpose and meaning of life, in relation to a supreme being, the world, and others around you. Meanwhile, this program encourages all students, whether religious or spiritual, faith or no faith, to think meaningfully about religion and how it affects to society, and to promote healthy dialogue between people of all religious positions.

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Peer advising leadership program enhances the counseling and advising functions of the student’s service center. Only the selected undergraduate students are given the chance to develop skills that can be employed in counseling and classroom. Peer adviser mostly or can be located next to faculty offices, the peer adviser is able to ask on the faculty for quick questions, and the faculty is able to hear the conversations and provide useful guidance. Wherefore, students are willing to be advised by the peer adviser who is in the same major with them. This is because peer advisors are a real student and they provide a relevant and relatable experience that faculty and staff advisers are unable to provide. If a student is a peer adviser, they can gain more understanding on the variety of offices, resources, and organizations available to the students and learn how to connect students to those resources. Peer advisers will also develop and enhance communication skills, learn how to work effectively one to one, boost self-confidence and improve leadership skills when looked to as a source of knowledge.

Disciplinary and Judicial Program instills behaviors of students that are required to sustain in society. University must identify acceptable behavior and unacceptable behavior. University also defines and create a desirable behavior within the framework of a code of conduct. The student code of conduct state the behavior that is accepted or prohibited in the university as well as in the setting that is related to the University. It also states the expected behavior to be demonstrated by the student. These behaviors may become the core values of a university. Generally, student codes of conduct state the expected of a student to show respect for self and others, act in a responsible manner,dress code, attend class regularly, avoid violation of student code of conduct and so on. Additionally, student code of conduct also must include consequences for unacceptable behaviors. University must facilitates the development of self-discipline in students and neglect unacceptable behaviors such as rudeness, violence, cheat and other disruptive actions which may lead to more serious behaviors. The student code of conduct focuses on one and another may be going against the development of self-discipline in students. The systems must manage the unacceptable behaviors to maintain a safe and ruled university environment.


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