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Submission date Introduction
Tan Sri (Dr.) Anthony Francis Fernandes or known as Tony Fernandes is a well-known Malaysian entrepreneur. He was born on 30th April 1964 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He was educated at The Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur. At the age of 12 he continued studying at Epsom College boarding school in England, from 1976 to 1983. He then further his study at The London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in accountancy. He worked for Virgin Communications and Warner Music before acquiring AirAsia. Tony Fernandes is now the Group Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia Berhad, the founder of Tune Group Shareholder, and owner of Queens Park Rangers Chairman of Petaling Jaya Rangers.
Tony Fernandes introduced the first budget airline in  HYPERLINK “” o “AirAsia” AirAsia, to Malaysians with the tagline “Now everyone can fly”. Tony Fernandes idea and product of low-cost airline with friendly service turned AirAsia from a failure to being one of the highly successful budget airline public-listed company. During an interview in 2013, Tony Fernandes noted that he would leave the club if he was unable to fix their problems. In an interview during 2017, he admitted having made several mistakes, but noted that the company achieved much more. He met with the then-Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in mid-2003, to propose his idea of open skies that resulted in an agreements that granted AirAsia landing rights to Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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Tony Fernandes achieved much more than just restoring AirAsia from bankruptcy but the former QPR badge and colours, he enganged more in the community. In 2018, Fernandes’s net worth $745M is one of the Malaysia’s 50 richest net worth putting him at number 30 on the Forbes list of Malaysia’s Richest
Leader’s Roles
i. Interpersonal Roles
Interpersonal roles entail the behaviors related with human interaction detailing roles that ensures that managers interact with the employees for the idea of attaining organizational objectives. Tony Fernandes is a Malaysian entrepreneur and is among the recent most adored executive-entrepreneurs in the Malaysian corporate world. Tony is considered as a “big believer on big dreams” where he has put on an excellent example as a figure head especially when there is significant event regarding his company, he is always there and ready to represent the company. Due to his act as a great leader, whenever the corporate world thinks of Tony Fernandes, they would think of Air Asia. Managers have the rights and social responsibilities and are expected to come up with various strategies that gives sourcing inspiration. People look up to those individual with power and authority as the figurehead. Tony Fernandes is believed to have an excellent leadership skills due to his capacity of reacting and dealing with challenges and he is a person who does not give up simply. It was challenging for him as the leader to start up the business when the situation was at risk and other times people used to think of terrible assumption that low-cost carrier concept would fail eventually . Despite all that, Tony Fernandes prediction that Asia was more likely to experience economic downturn was right and he had seized the opportunity. The most challenging thing in Tony pathway was making sure success the AirAsia from the fluctuating administration-link business airline to being an extremely victorious public-listed company.

ii. Informational Roles
Informational roles entail roles where the leader has to come up and share knowledge and successfully attain organization objectives. Fernandes ensures that all his employees are aware that they do not need to remain where they are and that they can do much more ten years down the line. Employees with the best performance often to be provided with opportunities targeted towards bringing their career path further and receiving awards or promotions. For instance, there was a case where a woman was hired to be a flight attendant at AirAsia Thailand. Then a year later, she requested Tony Fernandes to be a pilot. He responded that, if she got the expected documents raedy, he was ready to approve her request, she was able to do it and was marked as the first lady officer and full time captain to fly the plane. Tony lived his dreams which was to own an airline company, a football team and a F1 team. Thus these examples, he encouraged his employees to track their dreams, and it was one of the criteria Tony looked for in hiring a worker. There was a time where Tony Fernandes hire people and take into account two factors which was the passion in their hearts and the hunger in their eyes. Tony at first did not know anything regarding an airline company but nevertheless due to his strong passion, he was willing to work extra hard. According to him, Air Asia employees are a part of the company that makes the company remains ahead of the rivals; assuming of responsibilities and communicating objectives.

iii. Decisional Roles
Managers process information and reach conclusions. Managers make those decisions and commit their work groups to courses of action and allocate resources so that the groups’ plan can be implemented. Decisional roles include entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, and negotiator. Entrepreneur is someone who sees opportunity and make use of it. Managers search for improvement that can be made in the unit to adapt in the changes happening in the environment. Tony Fernandes is a person who has a vision and a dream of starting a budget no-frills airline and will do extra hard work on making it happen. He expands the location availability for flights from domestic only to domestic and international flights. This made him become one of a millionaire nowadays. Besides, Tony Fernandes is also a risk taker, because he took the risk in entering into the uncertain world of airline industry right after the September 11 terror attacks. In October 2011, after his meet with the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, he decided on buying an existing airline which is Air Asia. In the time being, AirAsia is a subsidiary of the Malaysian government-owned conglomerate, which was heavily indebted. However, he made a decision to buy the airline that comprise two Boeing 737-300 jet aircraft, 200 employees and an airline that has US$11 million in debt for RM1. He even risk his home by taking mortage and used his savings into the decision he had made. A year after his took over, AirAsia was able to broke even and cleared all its debts. If AirAsia did not clear its debts at the moment, Tony would have suffered bankruptcy and loses everything. In other words, if he did not take the risk he took back then he would not have been a millionaire and appear on the Forbes. He became a successful man today because of the risky decisions that he made before.

Skills the leader might possessed
Top management or Top-level managers provide the strategic direction for the organization.
Conceptual skills
The ability to analyze complex situations. Conceptual is a skill use based on knowledge and strategic thinking skills. The managers has to set the right strategy to take in order for the organization to follow. In example, from the beginning Tony Fernandes had set his strategy to turn AirAsia from bankruptcy to being a well-known airlines by lowering the price tickets just by determining the environment that’s going to happen.

Human skills
The ability to work effectively with others. Human skills explain the connection between manager and group members. Communicating with the workers to coordinate and motivate them better. Tony Fernandes did not sat in his chair and observe hoping for good results. He communicated with his employees and got involve with them through the motivations, giving them advices and encouraging his workers to do much more in achieving their goals.

Technical skills
The ability to utilize tools, techniques, and procedures that are specific to a particular field. The top management uses this skill the least because they do not get involve in the production line, but they make sure the workers below them give good performance in order to get the best results. For example Tony Fernandes made sure that he had an experienced on how a job is done with or without the workers in order for him to understand and have better knowledge. He monitors the workers individual performance in the daily job production.

Functions or What Managers Do
POLC functions could help leader manage their organization effectively. Planning is setting goals and defining actions that must be taken in an organization, referring to Tony Fernandes’s management he plans on how to take AirAsia from bankruptcy to being one of the most famous international airlines. Organizing involves determining the tasks to be done, who will do them, and how those tasks will be managed and coordinated, Tony Fernandes as the CEO for AirAsia coordinate the company in determine that the company should give low-price tickets to certain destinations to the consumers of AirAsia. Leading is the capability of a manager to lead members of the work group in order to accomplish the organization’s goals, Tony Fernandes used his knowledge about business to take AirAsia from a heavily-indebted subsidiary into an industry player. Other than that, he motivates his employees to pursue their passion and drive them up towards the company’s goals. Controlling is establishing and understanding what is required to achieve goals. Managers must monitor the organization’s performance and working progress, for example Tony Fernandes always connects with his employees meaning that he is always on the ground monitoring and making sure that his workers are doing their jobs right.

Becoming a manager, a CEO, or a figure head to a company is not easy and it takes a lot more than just characteristics and skills. Being a good leader consist you to be able to lead, to make plans, to communicate and to do what your workers do in order to understand the ob better and make sure the company does not fail and is able to give good services and give back to the community.


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