CNC (computer Numerical Control) Machining is a manufacturing process that uses computers to control the machine tools. These include things such as routers, mills and lathes. The tools work through numerical control. Each object produced in the machine has an adapted program made with CNC language. From this, features such as location, speed, coordination and feed rate are all controlled. This machining process can be used on plastic and metal. To use it a CAD drawing is created and then this is transformed into a CNC file that allows the machine to comprehend it. A pilot of the programme is done first before starting to cut the material in case anything has gone wrong with the programming. Because CNC machining is all done by a computer programme it makes the machining process far more detailed than using manual machines, so the same object can be recreated repeatedly, without any mistakes being made. The object can also be far more complex than when using a manual machine such as the milling machine and centre lathe because it works in different dimensions at the same time as no hands are needed. The only time the machine needs human intervention is at the beginning when the materials must be put in and the programme started and at the end when the product is taken out


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