contoversies linked with surrogacy

Done by: Gugulethu Phiri
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contoversies linked with surrogacy

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Done by: Gugulethu Phiri
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Hypothesis: surrogacy is the abuse of poor women
What is surrogacy?
Well surrogacy is the agreement where a female agrees to carry the baby of another person or couple. Surrogacy is an option when pregnancy is medically impossible. When the surrogate gets money, the arrangement is referred to as commercial surrogacy. If the surrogate does not get money beyond money that is spent or any other reasonable expense it is referred to as altruistic.

The Surrogacy procedure is a complicated process. It is not a one-day process. It is a nine-month process where women go through several phases like vomiting, weight gain and sometime may have to give birth through caserne section.Types of surrogacy:
Traditional surrogacy-also known as straight or natural surrogacy involves natural or artificial insemination of the surrogate, if the initial father’s sperm is used then the child will be genetically related to the initial father and genetically related to the surrogate. If the donor sperm is used, then the resulting child is not related to either of the intended parents but is in fact related to the surrogate.

In some cases, an insemination may be done without the intervention of the doctor.

Gestational surrogacy-also known as host or full pregnancy was achieved in1986 April. takes place when an embryo created by in vitro fertilization(IVF)and is implanted in a surrogate, gestational surrogacy may take place in many forms, but in each form the resulting child is genetically unrelated to the surrogate
Surrogacy has been around for over a hundred years it was believed to be used by royal families to keep/manage their male fertility intact. Practise of surrogacy at the time was not something to brag about so it was kept a secret.

The first ever formal arrangement of surrogacy was recognized in the united states, happened in 1976, from then on there has been an estimated of 5000 surrogate children born .in 1980 the first surrogate mother caught the whole world’s attention.

today’s surrogacy is referred to as ‘hiring womb’ many describe it as ‘baby selling ‘and a vehicle for the abuse of poor women. What started out as an act of love has now turned into commercial business. Surrogacy has destroyed the innocence between father, mother, and a child .it has caused depression and emotional attachment between the surrogate mother and the child thus not being in the best interest of the child. Women who can conceive on their own should not consider the service of surrogate mother. 31045151336040
Despite the growing number of surrogate babies born every year there is still too much controversies and debates surrounding surrogacy, issues such as the mortality and ethical aspects of the practise have stirred up a lot of the controversy. Because there is a cash payment involved some have viewed it as some sort of business. one birth surrogacy can cost up to R750 000. this is the annual amount of somebody with a good paying job, the medical procedures, and compensation fee for the surrogate mother will be given to the surrogate mother after the birth of the child. With this information, poor healthy woman is drawn in by the money because of sticky situations and thus end up offering themselves as a surrogate mother. money can buy a surrogate mother to carry a child and because of this, wealthy couples and women view it as a convenient way to have a child or children If they can afford to avoid nine months of pregnancy the constant mood swings, stretch marks, and fatigue, why not? this type of surrogacy results in poorer women of every single country “selling” their wombs for money gain and thus they end up becoming a class of “breeder women””
with the increasing rate of using surrogate mothers, there are many emotional facts about surrogacy. The process could be physically and emotionally stressful to the surrogate mother. There is absolutely nothing more joyous than bringing a life into the world. a surrogate mother will get emotionally attached to the baby she is carrying” There is a special bond that occurs during the pregnancy, resulting to the attachment to the baby.

Surrogate develops a close bond to the unborn baby and thus feels devastated when she has to hand the child over to the intended parents. This causes stress leading to depression and it thus requires medical attention. Some women have been asked on their opinion on surrogacy and one said that “I don’t think I could be a surrogate. I could not have a part of me out there that I’m not taking care of”. With advancement and progressions of medical science technology allowing infertile people to have children, nothing can control the outcome or result of births. When traditional surrogate is being performed meaning a donor sperm must be injected inside the surrogate mother uterus for the natural fertilization to take place, it could result in multiple births. What would happen if the intended parents only want one child? What would happen to the other child? What if the surrogate child is born with a disability and the intended parent change their mind simply because they do not want to take 30340653164959care of a child who has a disability, what would happen to the child then? Who would be responsible to take care of her/him? Sometimes during the course of the pregnancy, the surrogate mother faces complications resulting in miscarriage. Who is responsible for medical bill?

Surrogacy does in fact take up a lot of emotional strength and physical dedication. It is by far not the easiest way to get a child although it can be done. There are cases that have been hugely successful in giving parents what they have wanted the most for a long time. Happiness, joyfulness and, satisfaction is all given to the surrogate and the seeking parents. Infertility is painful and a great emotional hardship to get through. Surrogates are the women that can change the lives of many deserving parents. Although there are controversial issues that surround it …such as women, poor women in fact doing this not to genuinely help others out but to gain some sort of an income for themselves and couples who do not want to go through the 9-month challenges, opting to use women in need of money to do the ‘dirty work’.



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