Broadly speaking, Hybrid Vehicle refers to a vehicle driven system consisting of two or more single drive systems that can run simultaneously. The driving power of the vehicle is determined by the single drive system alone or according to the actual vehicle driving state. Provided together.
Commonly referred to as a hybrid car, generally refers to hybrid cars (the Hybrid Electric Vehicle, the HEV ), which uses a conventional internal combustion engine ( a diesel engine or gasoline engine ) and an electric motor as power sources, and some through the transformation engine using alternative fuels, For example, compressed natural gas, propane and ethanol fuels.
With the increasingly strict environmental protection measures in various countries around the world, hybrid vehicles have become a focus of automotive research and development due to their energy conservation and low emissions, and have begun commercialization.
The electric power system used in hybrid vehicles includes highly efficient motors, generators and batteries. The battery uses lead-acid batteries, nickel-manganese-hydrogen batteries and lithium batteries, and hydrogen fuel cells should be used in the future.
The vehicle drive system is composed of two or more single drive systems that can operate at the same time. The driving power of the vehicle is provided separately or jointly by a single drive system depending on the actual vehicle travel state. Due to the different components, layout and control strategies, a variety of classification forms have been formed. The characteristics of energy-saving and low-emission of hybrid vehicles have attracted great attention from the automotive industry and become a focus of automotive research and development. The hybrid power unit not only takes advantage of the long working hours of the engine, but also has the advantages of good power. It can also take advantage of the pollution-free and low-noise of the motor. The two can “combat side by side” and learn from each other’s strengths . The thermal efficiency of thecar can be increased by more than 10%. Can be improved by more than 30%. In 2010, the world entered the era of automotive hybrids.
1 Compared with the traditional car, the internal combustion engine always works at the best working condition, and the fuel consumption is very low.
2 The internal combustion engine mainly works near the best working point, with sufficient combustion and clean exhaust gas; there is no idle speed at the start (idle stop).
3 No external charging system is required, and problems such as one-time driving mileage and infrastructure are solved.
4 The miniaturization of the battery pack makes the cost and weight lower than that of electric vehicles.
5 engine and motor power can complement each other; motor drive can be driven at low speed.


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