Brandon Delorenzo
Prof. Lewis
Eng. 110-05
5 September 2018
Paper #1: Compare and Contrast
Graduating from high school is a huge accomplishment in most people’s lives, and it’s a long journey for those who are in the process of accomplishing it, or who have already done it. No matter what profession you wish to be in the future, obtaining a college degree will assist you with your goals. Most people make the choice to attend college after they finish high school. However, both experiences will be different, as they each have their own unique aspects to them. From my own experiences, there is still a lot for me to learn about the college experience, but there’s enough research and examples for me to be able to talk about it. Most of these similarities and differences have either already been, or are going to be applied to me. Although there are some differences between the two, you will see that there are quite a few similarities as well, some examples of these are, the ability to join groups, clubs and sports, enjoying the breaks given to you such as summer, having a GPA, the idea of teachers or professors, and more. As for the differences, these would include the amount of diversity of the people, the size of both facilities, the financial aid aspect, and the difference in freedom you have.
Just like in high school, there are many clubs that you can join in college. The only distinction in college is that you can create your own club yourself, whereas in high school, they’re already made. But, there’s still a good selection of clubs, depending on the high school, for you to enjoy and take pleasure in. Each club has dates and times to meet at, generally working around everyone’s school schedules. Another thing similar to clubs is the sports, colleges have athletic components to them such as sports, just like high school. The sports also stick to their appropriate season that they tend to be played in.
Every student loves getting days off of school, especially if they aren’t a fan of doing work. Thankfully, all those breaks from school we get on holidays and other occasions, are given to us in college also; even snow days are given to us as well. Colleges even have a way of letting you know when the college is closed or if classes may be cancelled. Although the intervals may not always be the same length, any break is better than none. The break that everyone can look forward to though is summer, it’s also the longest one, and nothing feels better than that felling of cessation after another year or semester followed by a nice vacation. So enjoy them all!
In school, your academic situation is represented by your grade, and your grade can either be regarded as letters, or numbers, and when all your classes are completed, the grades are averaged up, equaling your overall grade point average (GPA). Now in college your GPA is based out of a four point scale, and in high school it’s based out of a 100 point scale, but both still share the process of calculating it for each student. Each assignment you do gets graded, granted your teacher chooses to grade it or not. All these grades stick with you from the first assignment to the last one. Another similarity is the person who assigns you these tasks, professors are indistinguishable as teachers, they perform the same job; they just have a different title. You may find that you prefer some of your high school teachers over your professors or vice versa. There has been plenty of influential teachers that have taught me, along with many despicable ones… all because they act dissimilar, doesn’t mean they don’t have the same duties.
Now when it comes to the differences, high school and college are easily contrastive. Something interesting about college is that it has a higher diversity of students. High schools are mainly filled with students from that local vicinity, excluding new students who may have moved into that area. You may be surprised to found out how far people travel all over the country so they can attend the college of their choice; your college may be filled with people from eleven different states, meaning there’s a sea full of new people to meet and befriend at college, which to me beats seeing the same old faces from high school every day. Just find which click or squad with which you find most at home and you are good to go (Oates). In addition to this increase in students, college campuses are pressured to have larger capacities to accommodate for everyone. In order to make it easier for students to get to their classes, with them being farther apart (usually in different buildings), dorms were created. This is a building on campus full of rooms for students to live in; imagine you had to live inside your high school!
Probably the biggest aspect of college in general, is the financial aid side of it. Financial aid is so important that it can determine if it’s even possible for you to go to the college of your choice, unless you decide to pay more out of pocket than normal. Financial aid covers a lot of things such as a portion of the tuition you need to pay in order to attend the college, along with a few amenities that can be very helpful for the college lifestyle. These include: meal plans, transportation, room and board, textbooks, and supplies. In some cases it may help pay for dependent care. The amount of financial aid you can receive is determined by your life characteristics like your income, your family’s income, siblings, and other features. The smartest way to be prepared for the costs, is to save up money throughout grade school.
One the most determinable statements about college is that there is a much higher level of freedom. Personally, to me high school was too strict on things, and there was not a wide selection of things to actually do, considering a lot of things were considered against the rules; along with the fact that there wasn’t as much capacity for more activities. In college, most students do not have as many classes a week opposed to a normal week in high school, this means that they have a lot of free time in between or after classes to do whatever they want, especially on days where they may have no classes. Students have a wide variety of options when creating their own schedule; they can tweak it as they please. This includes, the start and end times of your classes and the days they’re on, making it remarkably easy to have classes within the time-zones that satisfy you and your lifestyle. There is some alternatives for people to choose how they wish to take a course, for example, there are quite a few online courses that do not require you to go anywhere physically, but instead you’ll have everything you need right at your computer. For the people who are commuting to college everyday, it would be easier for them to find a course available to be taught at a location in their town. Having this freedom is definitely something that high school kids would not envy.
Trying to understand the concepts of college can be pretty overwhelming, and trying to comprehend them while living them out is strenuous as well, but when it comes to finding the similarities and differences between an ordinary college and high school, it’s straightforward. Now you can see a lot of topics to talk about when differentiating the two sides. No matter the differences, both experiences are important. They each prepare us, high school prepares us for college and college prepares us for our future.


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