Between forestry, fishing and farming fishing is the hardest industry to sustain. The fish population is so difficult to sustain due to international waters, inaccurate measurement of the fish population and unsustainable practices. When fishing in international waters some countries are unable to effectively patrol/ control access to their national waters. Since countries are unable to do so and we do not put limits on how much/where people can fish then the open fishing season will be cut short and we will continue to overfish which is the biggest problem. (Geography Textbook) There is such an inaccurate measurement of the fish population to do to the fact that fisherman cannot see exactly how many fish there are in an ocean they can only estimate. Since they do not exactly know the population they will continue to fish without allowing the fish population to regrow into a more substantial size. There are a lot of unsustainable practices in the fishing industry. One commonly used practice is Dredging. Dredging is when fisherman take a basket with chains and they carry it across the sea bed. Dredging disturbs marine wildlife that is not necessarily the catch. If this practice is repeated many times in one area it leaves no time for regrowth of many species habitants.

Farming is easier to sustain then the fishing industry. Farmers can rotate their crops, crop rotation keeps the soil healthy and nutritious. Farmers can also introduce ladybugs, fly parasites and beetles because they all feed on pests including aphids and mites.

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Forestry is the easiest out of the three industries to sustain. Forest manager can go into a forest and take very accurate measurements of wood volume this can help them determine how much wood is in an area and how much wood they are going to cut down. They can also use satellites/ images to calculate approximate values. Selective logging is a sustainable and commonly used practice. Selective logging is when you remove certain trees in an area rather than cutting down the whole forest. This practice requires more time and is more expensive than clearing the trees, but it preserves the forest and is better for the environment.

I do hope that people stop they’re unsustainable practices in the fishing industry if they know what is best for them in the long run and for the environment. What I hope for and what people will do are completely different things. I do not think they will stop their unsustainable practices because fishermen are making money, customers are happy with their food and people are getting their protein intake. The only thing that is not benefiting right now is the environment. I am somewhat hopeful that we will improve upon our unsustainable practices because fish are not as easy to catch anymore and so we can keep the fish population steady because without fish in the ocean many things can go wrong.


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