Besides that our lecturers Elin and Sibylle played a small sketch during the course that sketch was highlighting many mistakes researcher make doing sometime in conducting interview like not developing the next question on the response got from participant where is good to obtain a deeper and fuller understanding of the participant’s meaning. Distractions or interruptions like phone ringing and lead to ask interviewee what has been said earlier; decide what to follow up or explore in more detail now and what to return to later; decide how to phrase the next question; pick up on nuances, hesitation, emotion and non-verbal signals; pace the interview; keep an eye on recording equipment, and deal with any distractions or interruptions that arise., also not letting interviewee speaking as she wish which are essential things for exploration the feelings, views and how she perceives all of this together help the interviewee feel respected and help the researcher to navigate the whole territory getting each information for building up the next questions.


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