Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Team
Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Team
In addressing a provider who does not think a patient would benefit from a consult by an occupational physical therapist rather can be able to get everything she needs from her office, one of the interventions to implement will involve an explanation of interdisciplinary teams (Bickley, Szilagyi, & Hoffman, 2017). An interdisciplinary team involves the collaboration of different healthcare disciplines in addressing the needs of a patient, which is beneficial in improving patient outcomes. This benefit cannot be neglected as a lack of coordination may lead to unsatisfied needs, which may affect the goals and objectives of the healthcare facility of providing effective care to all patients (Bickley, Szilagyi, & Hoffman, 2017).
It is important that all healthcare practitioners know the importance of all those involved in the healthcare process as this helps in making informed decisions which are meant to achieve the mutual healthcare goals (Bickley, Szilagyi, & Hoffman, 2017). In an interdisciplinary team, it is important for all healthcare providers to allow others within the team to participate and give their opinions in relation to the provision of care to patients, which will enable the members in making accurate healthcare decisions (Bickley, Szilagyi, & Hoffman, 2017).

Bickley, L. S., Szilagyi, P. G., & Hoffman, R. M. (2017). Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.

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