Based on the study of Nakhat and Sinha (2017) entitled ‘A Psychosocial Study of Stress and School Students,’ there a is positive correlation between stress and on the their deprivation of feeling of bereavement. Also, a positive correlation between stress and separation wherein students are having a hard time to cope with. The study also studied the ways on how students reduces stress. It is also studied that students ages 13 to 19 years old are susceptible to anxiety.
A study by Hudd, Dumlao, Erdmann-Sager et. al. (2018) entitled ‘Stress At College: Effects On Health Habits, Health Status and Self-esteem’ claimed that students in college under greater level distress shows lower self-esteem and practice more bad habits such as over eating like junk food and others. On the other hand, students on the category practice less healthy perceptions. Moreover, based on the data, it is found that females and non-athletes has a higher level of stress than the other respondents.
According to the study of Hunter, Fears,Jones and Rennie (2017) entitled ‘The Impact of Motivation on the Relationship of Academic Stress and Psychological Well-being Among College Students’ results from this study all over that motivation had no important impact on the link between educational stress and life satisfaction. though original predictions weren’t supported, exploratory analyses discovered a major mean distinction in levels of intrinsic motivation between the year in school.
A study entitled ‘Engagement, Flow, Self-Efficacy, and Eustress of University Students: A Cross-National Comparison Between the Philippines and Argentina’ by Mesurado, Richaud and Mateo (2015), self-efficacy encompasses a positive result on flow and engagement, whereas eustress incorporates a important positive relationship with flow however is not directly related to engagement. However, it is found from the study that eustress incorporates an indirect results through flow of stress management. As a result, it has found that Argentinian students has higher level of self-efficacy and absorption. Meanwhile, Filipino students, scored higher than the other in terms of the level of eustress.


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