Based off of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it could be assumed that Maslow would say the Joker is driven by self-actualization, safety, and physiological needs on the hierarchy. Based on his past experiences Joker’s personality would have evolved to such that he was driven mainly by self-actualization. Joker was clearly a sociopath however looking at what he had been through main explain that notion. However, being a sociopath would also justify that he was not driven by love or belonging. Joker’s behaviors confirm he was not concerned with friendship or family. The other hierarchy step f Maslow’s pyramid that Joker was not driven by was Esteem. Never has Joker’s character displayed behavior that he was concerned about self-esteem, confidence, achievement, respect of others or respect for others. Joker was driven primarily by the need to breathe, live, excrete and secure his place in the world, secure his body, his employment as a villain, his resources and property. Joker had no social needs; he did not need friendship, intimacy or a support system. Joker had no need to feel accepted or that he belonged. These are all emotionally-based relationships which further strengthen the theory that Joker was sociopath as he did not have any emotional needs.


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