Bangkok is Thailand’s capital city, the largest and the most populous city in the country, often known as the land of smiles. Bangkok is not only the world’s top tourists destination cities, it is also one of Singaporeans’ favourite tourist site that is filled with resplendent temples, floating markets, scenic canals, flowering tropical plants and beaches. Thus, one visit to Bangkok is seldom enough as it is a city that will stimulate the appetites of nature enthusiasts and those with thirst for adventures.

The beauty of Bangkok is the clash of tradition, modernity and the contrasts with action at every turn. Bangkok is Thailand’s administrative, economic, and cultural centre, as well as a major commercial and transportation hub for South-east Asia. It’s also a great place to try amazing regional Thai and international cuisine. There are never-ending contrasts around every corner, which is what makes Bangkok truly unique. Through our package tour, our travellers would be able to learn more and indulge in Thailand’s cuisine and culture.

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