Australia’s electricity sector is historically depending upon coal-fired power stations, but now renewable energy contribution in power generation growing rapidly. As Australia is large in size and people live in the various region so the whole country cannot operate by a single grid. Since 2005, rooftop solar and wind power increased total energy generation due to share of renewable energy into the grid. Australia’s electricity generation sector had to stop the new project for construction of gas-based power plant due to major banks does not want provide loans for any coal-based power plants from 2011. It was expected in 2014 that an excess of supply of generation will persist up to 2025. In 2017 Australian Energy Market Operator published a report that the energy supply in next two year is hoped to reach demand level but it has a risk that supply may not adequate during peak demand times. The electricity bill for households may be increased up to 72% from 2003 to 2013. This trend of price increase is assumed to be limited as Australian government changes some rules for transmission and distribution system as well as the competition in electricity wholesale market also increased.


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