Assignment 1
Simple sentences:
My best series are Peaky blinders.
I went to my uncle’s wedding in Riyadh Yesterday.

I like skiing in the mountains.

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The Saudi national teams call Falcons.

I looked for my parents at the airport.

Compound sentences:
Most animals sleep at night, but some animals are different.

I got my car early, but I arrived late at my university.

I woke up at 6 AM, but I get up at 6:30 AM yesterday.
I have enough money to buy a new car, so I will go to a car shop.
Sutam waited for the bus, but the bus was late.

Complex sentences:
Although the weather is foggy, My father is still driving his car.
Because the weather is raining and foggy, My flight delayed.

If my washing machine does not work, I will go to a laundry.

I have to wake up early because I have an appointment.

When I feel sick, I go to a doctor directly.


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