‘Assess the impact of communism on Australia’


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Communism had a huge impact on Australia in finding ways to prevent communism from spreading.This has been recognised by the following events; Petrov affair, Domino theory and The Vietnam war. The Petrov Affair had a significant impact on the Australian political landscape. Vladimir Petrov and his wife Evodika caused a political disturbance which is now known as the Petrov Affair. The Affair was played out against the background of the Cold War. The Domino theory directly relates to the threat and spread of communism, that if one nation falls to communism, then eventually it will spread to the nations around it. The Vietnam War impacted Australia because when Australia joined the war to fight, many Australians died. All the men that were capable of joining the war were then forced to join and they had no right unless they had a valid reason.

Petrov Affair

In 1951, the Petrovs arrived in Australia under the cover of being Russian diplomats (both were Soviet Spies). The role of the Petrov’s intelligence in Australia involved decoding intelligence instructions from Moscow, organising an illegal network of Australian spies, establishing surveillance of Soviet citizens and undermining anti-Soviet activities by infiltrating Russians emigre and Soviet refugee groups.

According to the ‘Soviet diplomats in Canberra defect’ from the ABC website it has been proven that in 1954 the Petrov Affair occurred just before the federal election and had a profound and lasting impact on Australian politics.


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