Anthony Brian Williams
13 September 2017
Environmental k

The best part about the life we have is having and sharing a diverse environment. Everything we as humans decide to do our environment does not just affect us humans but the animals, natural resources, and our future generations. Having kids that have kids that will be able to live off of the same natural resources is a big deal. Not being capable to do so will mean that we failed our kids. There is absolutely no way our kids or anything that lives in our environment will be able to live without them. Many countries that are considered ahead economically are the ones that usually have the most air and or water pollution. The United States is a place that many beautiful people call home, but on the rate, we are growing in pollution it is sad that it might not be one much longer.
Pollution and its effect on the environments natural resources
Many people in many countries do not understand the seriousness of using resources that are natural or man-made. A natural resource is a resource we use that is natural and we as humans do not make or manufacture. Some examples of a natural resource are the air we breath, the water we drink, or the trees we use as lumber. It is not just the waste or over use of these resources we use, but it is also how we pollute them. The wasting of a natural resource is not
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solved all of a sudden, but over time. In this case, a little goes a long way. Pollution is not solved by one person but when there is a whole organization, or country the levels can decrease. The most common polluted resources are water and air pollution. The result in water pollution can cause low or no water at all. If humans continue to pollute the air it can cause a smog. Smog is when there are too many emissions in the air it can pollute it so badly that the air will have to be filtered. Not only are we affected by this but our wildlife as well. Forest and many lakes are home to a variety of animals, but due to pollution many of lakes had to be closed. There are many countries that have made a great effort to promote awareness, but we cannot live to see our generations to come if we do not persevere our natural resources.” Water, air, and soil are three natural resources that we cannot live without.” (USDA)
It is hard for big countries to use a little natural resource, but that is not what is asked. What is asked is that countries try to limit the amount used or to be more efficient. China is a well know country around the world, but it is massively polluted. As China’s government officials having the knowledge of the pollution they do not disclaim it and try to help this matter. “The Beijing government is not in denial about the profound pollution problems facing the country. There appears to be a general agreement in the upper echelons of the party that the unbridled economic growth of the past few decades has come at a heavy environmental cost that is no longer tenable.” (Daniel K. Gardner) Sulfur dioxide, causes the main pollution. Sulfur dioxide is an air pollutant that can come from the burning of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are from motor vehicles and factories. In addition to the sulfur dioxide the volcanic activity has marked a toll on the air quality of China. The air pollution alone in China can cause it to die because the trees need natural clean carbon dioxide to release nice natural clean air that humans so desperately need.
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The best part of China acknowledging this massacre are their efforts to try and decrease it. Also, they has already started the process of figuring what and how their pollutants hurt China. “The problem is largely structural: officials in Beijing have issued new environmental policies and measures, but it is the responsibility of local officials to implement them.” (Daniel K. Gardner) China has implemented laws and have alerted official to regulate it. “Thus, polluted air can damage trees directly in the dry form or indirectly through its effects on the chemistry of water and soils and by making trees more vulnerable to other biological and …” (northern researcher station)
Much like China the United States has a great deal of air pollution. The main source of the air pollutant is chemicals. These chemicals become to be a pollutant due to non-proper disposal. The importance of properly disposing of was is the difference between a clean lake and an unfit lake that has been closed, like lake Karachay. Lake Karachay has become polluted with radioactive wastes. This a definite water pollutant because it makes the water undrinkable without being negatively affected by it.” Water pollution occurs due to contamination of water and may pose skin related problems including skin irritations and rashes.” (Conserve Energy Future)
Along with the effects of air quality and our environment, pollution affects us economically. Nutrient pollution causes the commercial fishing industry millions of dollars each year. Health care prices continue to increase with the increase of pollution. “The decrease in quality of air leads to several respiratory problems including asthma or lung cancer.” (Conserve Energy Future) Exposures to certain chemicals can relate to a long and expensive hospital trip, and even death. “Chest pain, congestion, throat inflammation, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease
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are some of the diseases that can be caused of air pollution.” (Conserve Energy Future) Human health will be affected greatly in all points. The food we consume will be packed with many pollutants that cause cancer and may reduce lifespan. The water supply in many regions, one being the Western U.S., will decrease dramatically. With all these categories affected by pollution countries are researching new ways and have already become more sustainable.
A more sustainable life means the promotion of sustainable consumption. Consumption in responsible quantities relies on the common rule “less is more”. In promoting sustainable consumption, the exploitation of a lot of ordinary sustainability-related performance standards. Many ways humans can be more responsible is aimed at the reduction of our energy use. Pollution can be cut down if humans strive to have a more energy efficient household, along with its appliances, and the effectiveness of home insulation. Also, the emissions from motor transportation can be reduced if using a better fuel economy-based form of transportation.
With pollutants having such a widespread effect on not just our state, country, but our earth and its atmosphere. It is locally noticed, and it is nationally noticed that a pollutant source such as one business can cause a river, pond, or even a lake to become unfit. It is important that the many different organizations promote a more sustainable foot print. These foot prints effect the world’s population, and all organisms to come. Pollutants will show an affect environmentally, economically and its overall health of the state in which life will live

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