Andreline Silus
Benham Timothy
February 1, 2018
Ain’t I a woman
Close reading
Racket is referring as to the negroes of the south and the women at the north.

Out of kilter is the white men who has all the power, and that will soon be change.

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Truth and her colleague propose that men to give women a chance to fix the world.

Strategies and structure
Truth used herself as an example of a woman who does not helped into carriages. Because she does not need to be helped into carriages does not make her less of a woman.

She uses herself as someone who can eat and work as much as a man.

Yes, this argument appeal to the listener’s intellect, because they whispered and show that they acknowledge what truth was talking about.

Thinking about language
Yes, it is an effective strategy, because it shows that she was speaking not just her colleague, but also a younger audience.

The point analogy between and these women is that Eve were able to turn the world as it is right now and Truth believe that only women can turn it back around if men let them.
Ain’t I a woman been repeat in the speech several times to clarify the stereotype about being a woman.


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