Although the courts came to a verdict declaring Casey Anthony innocent of murder, I believe that justice was absolutely not served. It all leads back to the roots of this case which involve the common ground between being a responsible parent, and the life hat Casey wanted for herself; which did not include a child. It was apparent that Casey Anthony had no intentions of being a mother to her daughter due to her constant partying, disappearing for several days, and quick willingness to hand her child over to be in the care of others. I am going to display a timeline of events which took place dating back to the beginning of Caylee’s disappearance, to the ending results of Casey Anthony’s well over-done trial.
Let us take it back to 2008 in Orlando, Florida; On June 9th, Casey claims that this was the last time she had seen her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Reports show that she had allegedly dropped off Caylee to their babysitter’s, Zanaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, home so that she could go to work. When she had returned to the home to pick her up, she was gone as well as the babysitter ( It was not until July 15th, an entire month later, when Cynthia Anthony, the mother of Casey and grandmother of Caylee, had made a phone call to 911 to report that her daughter Casey had stolen their family vehicle and money. That same day Cynthia had made another 911 call and reported that she just gained insight on the fact that her granddaughter had been kidnapped ( Casey Anthony had waited an entire month to relay that information of the kidnapping to her mother, leaving the entire family speechless. While putting two and two together, Cynthia reports that their car, in which Casey had stolen, “smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car.” Now there is already suspicion against Casey because if you care about your child, why would you wait an entire month to alert your family of her disappearance and begin a search and rescue? – Instead Casey Anthony stole a car and money, leaving her mother accountable to report it to the police while she was out and about enjoying her life the way she wanted to; without her baby.
When questioned by the authorities, Casey led the investigators to the alleged apartment where the ‘babysitter’ was staying but it was only a matter of time until they discovered that the apartment had been vacant since the beginning of February, 2008. Casey claimed when she returned to that specific apartment after work at Universal Studios on June 9th, 2008, her daughter was missing. Upon investigation, they had discovered Ms. Anthony had not been employed by the Universal Studios since approximately two years prior to the kidnapping ( So where were you Casey? And where did you really bring Caylee that day? Due to the misleading information Casey had provided concerning her missing child, and the inconsistencies of her official police statements, Anthony was arrested for neglect of a child, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and false official statements. Following her arrest, on July 22, 2008, bail was set for $500,000 during a bond hearing. During that hearing, some of the investigators displayed proof of hair stands they had found in the family’s car, which were similar to the hair of Caylee. Cadaver dogs, which are dogs who specifically scent out decomposing human bodies, had smelled human decomposition in the trunk as well. About another month goes by, August 21, 2008, Casey had been released from jail when a veteran bounty hunter and TV star, Leonard Padilla offered to post her bond in exchange for the whereabouts of her daughter. Less than 10 days go by and she gets put back in jail again for charges independent of the Caylee case; petty theft and falsifying checks. Eventually evidence is found which reveals that chloroform was found in the back trunk of Casey Anthony’s car; on October 14, she gets indicted on seven counts, including first-degree murder. After extensive investigations, many documents revealed some of the things Anthony was Google-searching on her very own computer browser. Things like; “neck breaking,” “lost numbers,” “how to make chloroform,” and “household weapons.”
Around December of 2008, human bones that were suspected to be Caylee Anthony’s bones were found in the nearby woods by Anthony’s home. Medical examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia confirmed those remains belonged to Caylee during which the toddler’s death was finally confirmed.


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