Allah is seen as the God above, the only creator and sustainer of the world. Islam in Arabic literally translates to ‘surrender’ and in this sense it means to surrender to the will of Allah. The Quran which is the holy book reveals the will of God to humanity. It is believed that the Quran was handed by god hence not a human creation. Allah revealed his message to his messenger Muhammad .He is the last and also considered to be the greatest of all prophets. Other great prophets mentioned in the Quran include Adam, Abraham, Moses, Solomon and Jesus.

The Quran echoes the story of creation as in the Christian religion and Judaism. According to the Quran, God created human beings and jinn. Human beings were made from clay whereas jinn from fire. In as much as jinn have reason and responsibility, they are more prone to evil in comparison to human beings. Not much is said about jinn hence the sole focus of the Quran is humanity. The story of the fall of Adam is also told. However in the Quran, Allah forgives Adam hence the concept of the original seen is not present in the Quran.
There is also mention of angel Iblis/Satan. He protested against creation of human beings with god .he saw that human beings would sow mischief on earth. He lost the fight of knowledge with Adam and refused to honor Adam when he and other angels were ordered to do so leading to him getting disbanded from heaven. Quran labels the human race as the noblest of all creations .Everything created by Allah is seen to have a purpose and human beings are created to serve and obey Gods will .Human beings are given the freedom to choose.
Islam is monotheistic whereby God has no partner or equal. It does not support the concept of Trinitarians, the Christian belief that God is 3 persons in one substance. Believes that there are no intermediates between God and his creations. In order to communicate his will, messengers and Prophets are sent by God. Messengers have been calling humanity back to God but they have not been receptive .The God of the Quran is always willing to forgive whenever man repent

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Miracles are also present in the Quran. Islam rejects idolatry and labels idol worship centers as haram. God is the one and only sole creator and everything he created depends on him alone.
The Islam Religion has Six Articles of Faith That summarizes the Islamic beliefs God,The Quaran ,Angels,Prophets,Afterlife and Predestination

In this religion,the belief in Allah is the highest and most significant belief.

Muslims believe that humans are the greatest creation of Allah created with free will.This version of humanity corresponds with the Christian version of ‘The fall of Adam’,however,they differ in that Allah forgave the first but punished them with mortal life on earth.The descendants of the first pair of humans are born with a natural state of submission to Allah,submission being their cardinal virtue.
Muslims consider Islam to be the only true religion.
Muhammad is believed to be the last and greatest of them all.He is regarded as the ,”The Seal of the prophets.”
Islam teaches about the day of judgment,eternal destination of Paradise and Hell.
Muslims believe in the continued existence of the soul and existence after death.
Quran is the most important writing in religion and the highest authority in religion and Legal matters.


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