After completing a quick quiz based on our Success Plan, we came across many questions which touched base on our choice of research, learning, nature of work motivation. From completing the easy five-minute quiz, the most eye catching for me result and improvements I would like to improve on is in relation to the initial goal I would like to focus on at university and the aspects of university life that I may find difficult.
The main objective of completing this activity is to allow a clear view and insight into areas in which we might need to improve on. I think that the quiz completed was quite accurate in pin pointing my traits which were used on a scale. Being able to have an insight these characteristics helped me further understand points where I may have not known there was a problem or even a possible solution. Furthermore, this concept will allow me to understand not only myself but the people around through both my future workforce and current university peers.
After completing the quiz, I can now clearly see how this can help me to improve my goals and how I could use this not only throughout my studies but in the near future of employment. One key idea I’ve learnt is that we as people who share common views and goals need to understand as to why humans act the way that we do, as each person differs so much. This concept allows me to further grasp on the idea that no matter what workplace or university, people have different personalities in which they all respond to how they think, feel and act. I will always try to achieve the best out of everything I do, as well as take personal responsibility for outcomes that occur. I can understand the reasons of people behaving the way they are and think of ways to communicate with them to avoid misunderstandings, especially with group mates while working on group assignments as well as employees and subordinates when I am in the work place.

I believe by completing this can help me in the future as it helps connect and grasp and understanding in the behaviour of others, not only can work be distributed and get done in an effective and efficient manner, there will also be less arguments and misunderstanding when dealing with various people with differing personalities. In many ways this quiz has helped me pin point my focus goals to keep in check while finishing not only this class but this year.

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