After 11 years as a student and administrator at George Fox, I feel very comfortable here, but I want to
broaden my horizons. It’s an itch. Perhaps I picked it up from my father, who packed my family up when I was 12 and took us
to live in Brazil for a year. Twenty countries later, I’m still hungry to explore. In the last three summers, I’ve had coffee at the
home of a Bosnian war widow; seen Belfast, Northern Ireland, during Protestant marching season; and crossed from Hong
Kong to China with a relief worker to see her work on an island inhabited by lepers. Travel has opened my eyes to a world
larger than a basketball game.
I enjoy the academic environment. Going back to school excites me. Education always has been a part of my life. My parents
are both teachers. Since I have an interest in possibly following in their footsteps later in life, I would appreciate being
considered for a teaching assistantship. (See separate application packet.) I believe I would be an excellent candidate since I
have spent the last seven years editing sports and general news releases written by college students.
Why USC? I believe USC would provide me with excellent training in my profession. After finding its high ranking in the
Gourman Report, I visited the school’s Web site for more information. The idea of receiving hands-on training from L.A.’s PR
professionals is extremely attractive. I contacted Alan MacDonald, who earned his master’s degree in PR from USC, and current
journalism graduate student Jennifer Prosser, to ask about their experiences. Both gave the school and the professors high
Although I could see myself returning to a public relations position at George Fox, I’m intrigued by the variety of options that
would be available to me after graduation. Alan MacDonald told me that USC stood for University of Social Connections. In
addition to my current experience, a degree from USC would give me additional credibility. During my January visit to USC, I
met with Tim Burgess and was impressed that the Annenberg School of Communications had its own career advising office.


I'm Katy

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