Advertisements plays a major role on the buying decision of the consumers so more focus on advertisement and media is necessary.

? The company should promote attractive gold investment schemes especially for the youth.

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? In addition to the current brand icons the company should try to rope in new generation film stars and sports personalities in order to woo the younger generation.

? The retailers have to differentiate themselves from others in their offers and special discounts.

? The spending power of the consumer may vary from one to one based on demographic and psychological factors in order to create buying behavior the shoppers have to provide schemes as per the spending power of the consumers.

? Advertisement plays major role in all fields of business .it is suggested carry intensive advertisement complain to gain investors attention to more.

? Investors require assured returns for their investments therefore jewellery shops should appoint efficient funds managers to take care of their customers.

? Jewellery shops should try to improve their promotional activities by conducting more exhibitions.


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