Advertisements are involved in almost every part of our daily lives. They are involved when we watch television and listen to the radio. They are involved when we get up and use our brand toothpaste, when we eat our breakfast and go to work or school. It is almost impossible not to be affected by all the advertisements. That is why private companies spend tremendous amounts of money for slight glimpse in someone’s life. There will always be one ad that can usually stick out when flipping through these magazines. I found an ad “Dolce and Gabbana” in Gentlemen’s Quarterly. Dolce and Gabbana advertisement “How Your Man Could Smell Like” is an attractive phrase used to lure the audience to purchase the product. The advertisement meant to capture men’s attention through women. It presents an ideal image of how a man should smell. The advertisement used sexually themed strategy to grab the reader’s attention. The advertisement conveys a strong message about a strong personality where a man needs not only to be attractive but also to be confident by smelling like a real man. The advertisement uses the benefits of protection and claims of beauty.


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