According to the latest research of Dreamgrow (2017), one of the leading social networking sites is Facebook with 2.07 billion active monthly users for its reach, engagement and demographics globally. Additionally, it has a total number of 1.66 billion mobile monthly active users, 1.36 billion desktop daily active users and 1.57 mobile daily active users (Aslam, 2018). In a specific demographic, there are almost 499 million daily active users in Asia that include Philippines with its expected 29.88 million Facebook users (Statisca, 2017; Smith, 2018). Among the Filipino users, the percentage of Facebook users aged 18-34 rank high are young adults composed of students and young professionals (“Facebook Reaches 30 Million Users in the Philippines,” 2013). To focus on the aspect of students, Facebook both have advantages and disadvantages among students despite its popularity (Zaremohzzabieh, Omar, Zobidah, Bolong and Kamarudin, 2014)
Moreover, the advantages of Facebook for students are


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