according to harman 1999 ethics based on virtue ethics often give a reasonable account of the ordinary view of morality. however most of the times these ordinary views rest on an error which is commonly referred to as fundamental attribution error. this error occurs when people lack to diversify their reasoning; when they only subject people actions to character traits. considering a situation of a beggar in the streets. many people pass by the beggar on the street but few people will extend a hand to the beggar. an ordinary observer will conclude that those who help the beggar are generous but it is not always the case in all situations. sometimes those who just pass by without helping do not have money to help some pass with a hurry and fail to notice the bigger. on the other hand those who are termed as generous can be showing off or they are in a position to help say financially. looking at such a scenario from a psychological perspective it is correct to distinctively conclude that how people behave should not be married to ones character traits.


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