Aborigines Protection Act 1909 – The Aborigines Protection Act is basically an act that was established to take care Aborigines as well as to guard them from harm. The Act basically came into effect by the year 1909. The protection act was comprised of institutional racism. Therefore such an act was introduced by then members of the Aborigines Protection Board and was imposed by the members of the police force. The members safeguarding the aborigines had the ability to oversight the lives of Indigenous People which included several factors such as employment, access to medical facilities.

Assimilation – By introducing this policy the Australian Government started the process of accepting the Aboriginal People into the Australian community. In that phase the government started developing the environment which eventually helped the Aboriginal People to fit in that respective community. This policy stated that in the view of all Australian Governments Aboriginal People possess the same rights as well as same customs acquired by the other Australians if the Aboriginal People adopted European customs as well as beliefs. During the assimilation era Indigenous People were compelled to live in poverty on the edge of the towns where they were denied access to the community including hospitals.
Such policies had a lasting as well as destructive impact on the Indigenous Australians which eventually resulted in the marginalisation of Indigenous Australians such as high rates of unemployment, poor mental health, as they were forced to live a lifestyle with little or no physical activity, they were compelled to live in poor houses which lacked appropriate sanitation, water supply

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